Into the Air Symposium

Into the Air used the 20th anniversary of John Durham Peters’s Speaking into the Air as a springboard for scholars from a variety of disciplines, institutions, and geographical locations to critically and collaboratively reflect on the last two decades of work across the unruly and “undisciplined” fields of communication and media theory.

The symposium was organized around several broad themes that are foundational to Speaking into the Air as it has been received across the Humanities and Social Sciences. These are: Body, Dialogue, Dissemination, History, Language, Politics, Religion, and Technology.

The Symposium was held January 16-17, 2020.

CoMS40 Symposium: Histories, Theories, Archives and Archaeologies

The School kicked off its year-long celebration of the Communication and Media Studies program, CoMS40, with a 40th Anniversary Symposium, held Friday, September 14, 2018, reflecting on the founding, growth and future of the program and its contributions to the field of Communication in Canada and beyond.