Please join SPPA Director Graeme Auld as he interviews faculty member Leslie Pal on his research, published in the chapter “Public Administration in a Globalized World” in Issues in Canadian Governance, edited by Jonathan Craft and Amanda Clarke.

Issues in Canadian Governance demonstrates how the key principles and institutions of governance affect Canadians by revealing how they work in the real world. This text uses an applied case study format to breathe life into the debates that shape Canadian public policy. These timely cases bring valuable context to the various issues explored in the text and allow the text to be leveraged in a practical, hands-on way.

This text also incorporates the voices of expert scholars who provide readers with a holistic snapshot of current thinking in the field of public administration. This broad perspective is invaluable in exploring matters such as responsible government, ethics and public spending, accountability of public officials, access to information, political neutrality and the public service, and contemporary policy debates.